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How It Works

A Pragmatic, Real World Funding Model

Innovocracy was built to connect passionate Supporters, who may have a personal or professional interest in specific research, with passionate Innovators seeking to change the world for the better. In many cases, Supporters may simply wish to encourage innovation and research at an academic institution they have a connection with. Anyone, anywhere may support an Innovocracy project.

Small Donations Can Add Up To Big Results

With Innovocracy, an Innovator can post the details of their proposed project and request funding, usually between $3000 and $15,000 (though we do not cap the amount of the requests), to get their project from idea to reality. Individuals and organizations that want to support those projects can become supporters by pledging any amount towards that goal. If the goal is reached, Innovocracy funds the project and charges the Supporters for their contribution. If it does not, no funds are collected or distributed.

This is support with no strings attached and over 90% of the funds collected are distributed directly to the Innovator via their educational institution. No equity changes hands and Innovators may offer incentives to Supporters. These incentives may be updates, sample products or other thank you items. However, no Innovator is required to compensate their Supporters in any way.

Creating An Innovation Network provides the platform for soliciting funding. Our academic partners, including colleges and universities large and small, provide the environment for innovation. Member institutions support Innovocracy through financial and logistical support, creating a network of innovation across the universe of higher education. As we build out our network of universities, colleges, Innovators and Supporters, we are creating an engine of innovation powered by our educational system. Each node added to the network greatly expands the base of potential Supporters. By joining the Innovocracy network you and your organization are literally accelerating the flow of ideas into useful applications.

How It Works
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